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©Johnson Over Jordan 

Johnson Over Jordan (2001)
West Yorkshire Playhouse / Leeds, England

Producer: Jude Kelly
Playwright: J.B. Priestley
Cast: Patrick Stewart (Robert Johnson), Bernard Lloyd, Daniel Stewart (The Figure)
Character: Robert Johnson

Described by Priestley as an "adventure of the theatre," Johnson Over Jordan is a journey through the past and present life of Robert Johnson, recently deceased. In order to reach the Inn at the End of the World and begin his final voyage, Robert must first negotiate not only the bureaucracy of the Central Offices of Universal Assurance and Global Loan and Finance Corporation, but also the bright lights, strong drink and beautiful girls at the Jungle Hot Spot night club.

Johnson Over Jordan was originally produced in 1939 with a score by Benjamin Britten and with Ralph Richardson as Robert Johnson. This is its first major revival since the 1940s.

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