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©Ride Down Mt. Morgan, The 

Ride Down Mt. Morgan, The (2000)
Ambassador Theatre / Broadway

Playwright: Arthur Miller
Cast: Patrick Stewart, Frances Conroy, Shannon Burkett, Oni Faida Lampley, Katy Selverstone, John Vennema
Character: Lyman Felt

Arthur Miller's 1991 play The Ride Down Mt. Morgan is the portrait of Lyman Felt, a self-made modern man with an appetite for life and its pleasures. He is a sensualist, who is also a socially responsible executive whose enjoyment of the opposite sex leads him to marry a second wife without divorcing the first. A near-fatal accident lands these two women at his bedside, exposing not only his double life but also the dilemmas of truthfulness and hypocrisy in the relationships between men and women.

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