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©Eleventh Hour 

Eleventh Hour (2005)

Production: TV Miniseries
Producer: ITV and Granada
Director: Terry McDonough, Roger Gartland
Scriptwriter: Stephen Gallagher, Mike Cullen, Simon Stephenson
Cast: Patrick Stewart, Ashley Jensen
Film Role: Professor Ian Hood (lead)

Synopsis: Professor Ian Hood is called in by the British government to tackle disasters caused by modern science. Eleventh Hour is an investigative series set against a background of contemporary science. Every story involves a human crisis, and every crisis arises out of a current scientific development. The stories are tales of suspense, races to avert disaster, the stories of individuals caught up in the unforeseen consequences of progress.

Filmed in Manchester, UK from May to July 2005.

UK Airdates on ITV:
Episode One - January 19, 2005
Episode Two - January 26, 2005
Episode Three - February 2, 2005
Episode Four - February 9, 2005

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