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©King of Texas 

King of Texas (2002)

Production: Television Movie
Producer: Hallmark Entertainment & Flying Freehold
Director: Uli Edel
Scriptwriter: Stephen Harrigan
Cast: Patrick Stewart, Marcia Gay Harden, Lauren Holly, Roy Scheider, Colm Meaney, Patrick Bergin, David Alan Grier, Stephen Bauer, Matt Letscher, Julie Cox
Film Role: John Lear (lead)

Synopsis: In King of Texas, Shakespeare's classic tale of the King of Britain is updated to 1840s Texas. John Lear (Stewart), a wealthy, megalomaniacal rancher, challenges his three daughters to prove their loyalty in order to claim their inheritance. When his youngest daughter Claudia (Cox), refuses to take the challenge, Lear disowns her, unwittingly causing his own downfall.

King of Texas tackles the shared Western and Shakespearean themes of good vs. evil, vengeance and redemption. Harden will play Susannah and Holly will portray Rebecca, Lear's eldest daughters. Bergin will portray Rebecca's brutish husband Highsmith. In a rare dramatic turn, Grier will portray Lear's razor-tongued ranch hand, and Letscher will play the ruthless son of Westover (Scheider), a neighboring rancher who tries to save Lear from himself. Bauer will portray Menchaca, a fierce rival of Lear and Claudia's love-interest.

Airdates on TNT:
Sunday, June 2nd @ 8pm(ET)
Sunday, June 2nd @ 10pm(ET)
Monday, June 3rd @ 12am(ET)
Thursday, June 6th @ 9pm(ET)
Thursday, June 6th @ 11pm(ET)
Sunday, June 9th @ 1:30pm(ET)
Saturday, June 15th @ 3:15pm(ET)

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