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Coach's Clubhouse

From the Editor's Desk...

Hi Ho!

Welcome to the first issue of The Coach's Club House. In this and subsequent issues we'll be spotlighting our favorite actor as we try and keep up with his many activities. We'll also be hearing from you -- the members -- on your experiences revolving around Patrick's appearances.

What can you do? Research for articles is always needed. If there's a performance of Patrick's that fascinates or otherwise interests you, and you'd like to know more about it, chances are so would others. Research it! Write it! But first, let us know so we can send you guidelines and pointers.

We can guess one of the things that members most enjoy about the newsletter are the photos. After all, that's what we look at first. Isn't it? If you have any photos of Patrick that you think other members would enjoy -- don't keep them to yourself -- send them to us. Just don't send us your only photo as they can't be returned. Don't forget to include the date and location of each photograph in your letter.

For the artists out there, please let us know if you'd be willing to illustrate the articles, reviews, etc. that will appear in these pages. We need you. Send us samples of your work, but please, only send us copies. We're also looking for a few good "cover artists," for future issues.

And speaking of covers, we send our heartfelt thanks to Janet D'Airo for coming through with this issue's wonderful cover, not to mention all the great interior artwork. There are no limits to Janet's talent. Thanks also to Renee Levy for her wonderful drawing of Shakespeare in the Park's theater and her cartoons.

Remember, this is your club. We're looking forward to many more issues, but only with your help. We also are looking forward to meeting all of you (eventually at the various club gatherings and Patrick appearances.

Stay tuned!



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