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3/1/2000 American Theatre Wing Seminars

American Theatre Wing Seminars: Spring 2000 - Performance
Episode: 288
Taped: 02/01/2000Running Time: 1:30
The American Theatre Wing's panel discussion series, subtitled Working in the Theatre, brings together performers, directors, playwrights, designers, choreographers and behind-the-scenes personnel from the Broadway theatre.

Roy A. Somlyo, President, and Isabelle Stevenson, Chairman of the Board of the American Theatre Wing, moderate the panel discussions, CUNY-TV currently airs five recent seminars every week, and the series can also be seen on Cablevisionís Metro Guide and cable systems in California.

In this session, playwright Peter Stone leads a panel of actors and actresses, including John Shea, Tonya Pinkins, and Patrick Stewart, in a discussion about their careers and how they are able to incorporate their lives into their performances. They also delve into how acting has shaped their lives and affected the choices they have made.

To access the interview with Patrick Stewart, choose "American Theater Wing Seminars" from the "Choose a Program" drop down menu. Then click on "Click here to watch ATW Seminars online" and choose "Show #288".



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