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11/5/2009 Patrick Contributes Autographed Photo to Precious Paws Auction

Precious Paws is having a celebrity fundraising auction November 5-15, 2009 on E-bay. Precious Paws' founder, Georgyne Lalone, used to work at Paramount. One day, Georgyne was approached by a friend to help her find a home for a cat she found living in her carport right after the 1994 earthquake. At that time Georgyne was handling Patrick Stewart’s travel arrangements during his time working on ST:TNG. Knowing Patrick wanted a cat, Georgyne introduced cat to Patrick and it was love at first sight, and Patrick adopted Bella! Finding a home for Bella spurred Georgyne to a new calling, to work in rescue to help find homes for other homeless animals. Precious Paws was founded in 2002 to establish a sanctuary to house orphaned cats and dogs until they can be placed in permanent, loving homes and a forever home for those dogs and cats that have special medical needs and/ or are not adoptable. One of the auction items will be Star Trek stars' autographs including Patrick's. Auction Details and E-Bay Bid Site



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